Undergraduate Program

About the Program

The School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies offers a major, double major or minor in Gender and Women’s Studies, several certificates, and courses that fulfil General Education and Foundations requirements in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our merged undergraduate program brings together the Gender and Women’s Studies programs in the Faculties of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and Glendon College. This merged undergraduate program provides students with flexibility and access to a wide variety of Gender and Women’s Studies courses.  Undergraduate courses offered through the School count as in-faculty courses for Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) and Glendon students. They are available during the day and the evening; in the fall, winter and summer terms; in both English and French; and on both the Keele campus and the Glendon campus.

Students in the School of Gender and Women’s Studies are admitted to York through a Faculty (Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Glendon, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts or Health) and will be governed by that Faculty’s regulations.  Program requirements for the Gender and Women’s Studies component of an undergraduate degree are governed by the School.


  • General Certificate in Women’s Studies

Career Options

Gender and Women’s Studies prepares you for life.  We offer an excellent education for engaged citizenship, community involvement, and any career.  Our graduates apply their understanding of women’s and gender issues in a wide range of fields including: the arts, education, law, social work, public service, work in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), business, faith organizations, government, and the media.