General Certificate in Women's Studies

Designed for students with no previous exposure to women's studies, this certificate offers a survey into issues and themes in the field. The program invites you to explore the lives and experiences of women, historically and cross-culturally, and to critically examine the social, political and economic institutions that shape women's lives.

Current Requirements

NEW – Effective FW16/17 Requirements – 24 credits

  • AP/GL GWST 1501 9.00/1502 6.00/Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies
  • AP/GL Any 2nd year 2000 level GWST course (6 credits)
  • AP/GL Any 3rd or 4th year core or non-core GWST course (6 credits)
  • AP/GL GWST 3555/3556 6.00/Genealogies of Feminist Theorizing

Archived Requirements

Prior to 2016 - 17 Academic Year

Five (5) full courses (30 credits) - No substitutions possible

  • AP/GL GWST 1500 6.00/Women in Today’s World or
  • AP/GL/GWST 1510 6.00/Sex, Gender and Popular Culture;
  • AP/GL/GWST 2500 6.00 or GWST 2510 9.00/On Women: An Introduction to Women’s Studies;
  • Any two AP/GL/GWST 3000-level 6-credit core courses;
  • The remaining 6 credits can be core or non-core.

Note: For the purposes of meeting the Certificate requirements, all nine-credit General Education courses will count as six credits towards the Certificate.

Prior to 2010/11 Academic Year

Five (5) full courses (30 credits) - no substitutions possible

  • AK/HUMA 1830 6.0
  • AK/SOSC 1700 6.0 or AK/SOSC 1920 6.0
  • AK/AS/GL/GWST 2500 6.0 (On Women: An Introduction to Women's Studies), formerly AK/GWST 2000 6.0
  • Any two AK/AS/GL/GWST 3000-level 6-credit courses